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A quantitative definition of risk is suggested in terms of the idea of a " set of triplets. " The definition is extended to include uncertainty and completeness, and the use of Bayes' theorem is described in this connection. The definition is used to discuss the notions of " relative risk, " " relativity of risk, " and " acceptability of risk. " As readers(More)
reviewed a near-final version of this report and made many helpful comments. We took their comments into consideration while producing the final version of the report. We believe that the accuracy and clarity of the report are improved because of their comments. We are extremely grateful to the reviewers for the time and effort that they spent in reviewing(More)
Criticisms of postmodernism are examined in the context of social theory and its sub-field, organization theory. Criticisms centre on claims that postmodern organization theorists are preoccupied with indeterminancy of meaning, linguistic relativism and the 'minutiae' of everyday life; and further, that Foucault-inspired postmodern organization theorists(More)
Good morning, distinguished delegates, ladies and gentlemen. It is a great pleasure for me to present you my thought on the goals of nuclear power plant operators' risk assessment and management activities in Japan. Before I begin, I want to extend a special greeting to those of you traveled to participate this gathering and my dear friends, George(More)
  • Chairman Radoje, Keith Michel, +51 authors Lester A Hoel
  • 2002
Subscriber Categories IB energy and environment IV operations and safety IX marine transportation Transportation Research Board publications are available by ordering individual publications directly from the TRB Business Office, through the Internet at www.TRB.org or national-academies.org/trb, or by annual subscription through organizational or individual(More)
William Hinze (ACNW member) attended both days of the PVHA-U meeting and Day 1 of the subject NWTRB workshop. Neil Coleman (ACNW Senior Staff Scientist) attended the NWTRB workshop and Day 2 of the PVHA-U meeting. The joint trip report for both meetings is attached. If you have any questions please contact Neil Coleman at 301-415-7656.
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