John Galletly

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This paper, which is a compilation of the experiences of a number of software developers, is an attempt to guard the software community against the pitfalls of the EJB technology. It presents an anthology of experience that might help application developers realize when they are over-engineering their solution when the signs point to a different approach,(More)
In the last few years, JavaScript libraries have been developed to enable developers to create and manipulate 3D objects in the browser. These JavaScript libraries incorporate physics and 3D processing algorithms, HTML 5 elements and technologies (such as canvas and background workers), and the Web Graphics Library (WebGL). This paper provides an insight(More)
As changes in production methods and technology have taken place, a far higher proportion of costs are to be found in indirect areas. For example, direct labour (a traditional cost allocation base) now represents only a small fraction of corporate costs, while expenses covering, for example, factory support operations, marketing, distribution, engineering,(More)
This paper describes a project, supported and funded by the Bulgarian Ministry of Education, which is directed to the design and implementation of seven, new, cutting-edge courses for a degree program in Informatics. The focus for the project was that the courses improve the quality of education and training in line with the needs of the ICT labour market(More)
The project is a data mining-driven decision support system that is designed to improve and assist managers in making rational and knowledgeable decisions. The system will make prediction of future e-mails overhead and forum replies, as well as identifying clusters of similar customers by analyzing the type of e-mails they send.
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