John Gallagher

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This article proposes a model of student school engagement, comprising aspirations, belonging, and productivity. From this model, items for the Student School Engagement Measure (SSEM) were developed. The SSEM was validated with data from 396 eighth graders in an urban school district. Utilizing structural equation modeling, the second-order empirical model(More)
Turchin`s supercompiler is a program transformer that includes both partial evaluation and deforestation. Although known in the West since 1979, the essence of its techniques, its more precise relations to other transformers, and the properties of the programs that it produces are only now becomming apparent in the Western functional programming community.(More)
The purpose of this study was to investigate the convergent and discriminant validity of the Student School Engagement Measure (SSEM) with 3 other measures of student well-being: (a) the School Engagement Scale, (b) the Student Engagement Instrument, and (c) the Student Life Satisfaction Survey. The data were analyzed from 370 8th-grade students from 3(More)
Using the Wide Field Planetary Camera 2 on the Hubble Space Telescope, we have obtained a deep color-magnitude diagram in V-and I-band equivalents for more than 2000 stars in a patch of the outer disk of the Large Magellanic Cloud (LMC). Aperture photometry is feasible from these data with good signal-to-noise for stars with V25 which allows us for the rst(More)
<i>Deterministic multithreading (DMT)</i> eliminates many pernicious software problems caused by nondeterminism. It works by constraining a program to repeat the same thread interleavings, or <i>schedules</i>, when given same input. Despite much recent research, it remains an open challenge to build <i>both deterministic and efficient</i> DMT systems for(More)
Sub-arcsecond images, taken in B, R, and Hα filters, and area spectroscopy obtained with the WIYN 3.5-m telescope provide the basis for an investigation of the unusual structures in the stellar body and ionized gas in and around the Perseus cluster central galaxy, NGC 1275. Our Hα filter is tuned to gas at the velocity of NGC 1275, revealing complex,(More)
Through a program of narrow band imaging, we have observed the changing structure of the Hα emission line around the nebular boundary advanced to the southwest at nearly the speed of light, implying that the nebula was created by an expanding wave of radiation originating in the explosion interacting with surrounding material. The expansion speed dropped to(More)
This paper presents an introduction for the ESPRIT community of the recently started ESPRIT 11 project, PLUS (P5254). The goal of the project is the production of a robust natural language dialogue system integrating linguistic and non-linguistic knowledge in a principled way, based on the pragmatics theories of Grice and Searle, and using results in(More)
SMC in space and time: a project to study the evolution of the prototype interacting late-type dwarf galaxy Abstract. We introduce the SMC in space and time, a large coordinated space and ground-based program to study star formation processes and history, as well as variable stars, structure, kinematics and chemical evolution of the whole SMC. Here, we(More)
We have obtained high angular resolution, high signal-to-noise spectra of the Calcium triplet absorption lines on the photometric axes of the stellar spheroid in the polar disk galaxy NGC 4650A. Along the major axis, the observed rotation and velocity dispersion measurements show the presence of a kinematically de-coupled nucleus, and a flat velocity(More)