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The deployment of computer systems for the control of mission critical processes has become the norm in many industrial and commercial markets. The analysis of the reliability of these systems is usually understood in terms of the Mean Time to Failure. The design and analysis of high reliability systems is now a mature science. Starting with fault–tolerant(More)
This paper develops a model for pricing securities that may be a function of several different sources of risk, namely, equity, interest-rate, default and liquidity risks. The model is also useful for extracting probabilities of default (PD) functions from market data. The model is not based on the stochastic process for the value of the firm, but on the(More)
Four cases of apparently voluntary rapid vibratory pacifier movements occurring in normal, unstressed infants up to 1 year of age and captured on video are presented. I speculate on the possible relationship of the movements to similar vibratory jaw movements in dogs, in which species they may represent a neuromuscular mechanism for rapid feedback control.
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