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This article describes the robot Stanley, which won the 2005 DARPA Grand Challenge. Stanley was developed for high-speed desert driving without manual intervention. The robot’s software system relied predominately on state-of-the-art arti cial intelligence technologies, such as machine learning and probabilistic reasoning. This article describes the major(More)
BACKGROUND Adolescent offspring of depressed parents are at high risk for development of depression. Cognitive restructuring therapy holds promise for preventing progression to depressive episodes. METHODS A randomized, controlled trial was conducted to prevent depressive episodes in at-risk offspring (aged 13-18 years) of adults treated for depression in(More)
Whole sheets of plasma membrane, each with their attached flagellum, were purified from Trypanosoma brucei. The method devised for their isolation included a new technique of cell breakage that used a combination of osmotic stress followed by mechanical sheer and avoided the problem of extreme vesiculation as well as the trapping of organelles in cell(More)
IN a previous investigation (Gale and Arthur, 1972), an attempt was made to estimate genetic correlations between ten characters, taken in pairs, in Papaver dubium. Plants were raised from seed collected from six natural populations. From every population, a number of pairs of plants were chosen at random and plants comprising a pair crossed to one another(More)
INTRODUCTION Flight crew sleep is recognized as critical to alertness and safety, but few studies have compared the reliability of the different types of sleep monitoring that are commonly used. The present study compared actigraphic and subjective estimates of sleep to the gold standard, polysomnography (PSG). METHODS In-flight (25 episodes) and layover(More)
PURPOSE To examine the amount of support being provided by nurses to women during childbirth and factors that influence the provision of support. STUDY DESIGN Exploratory, descriptive. METHODS Work sampling method was used to determine the percentage of time nurses spend in supportive care activities. Twelve nurses were observed over six nonconsecutive(More)
The presentation and treatment of a patient with extra-temporal non-lesional partial epilepsy is discussed herein. His clinical semiology was consistent with supplementary motor area seizures; however, MR imaging did not demonstrate a lesion. A region of stable cortical glucose hypermetabolism in the left frontal region was noted with(More)
A rapid method for preparing Leydig cells from rat testes is described. An interstitial cell suspension, prepared by collagenase treatment of decapsulated testes, was centrifugal for 10 min over a cushion of 60% (v/v) Percoll to remove red blood cells, and then centrifuged for 20 min in a 0-60% linear density gradient of Percoll. Seventy-four per cent of(More)