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AFL-CIO COPE PCC concurs that the referenced cash on hand, receipts and disbursements figures set forth in its 2005 and 2006 reports were inaccurate. Due to the upcoming quadrennial AFL-CIO Convention in mid-September and summer staffing limitations, AFL-CIO COPE PCC has not yet amended its reports, but it will do so by September 30,2009. AFL-CIO COPE PCC(More)
Recent advances in microprocessor technology are making a new generation of personal computers feasible and affordable. These computers, called "workstations," can be connected with other workstations, with mainframe computers, with supercomputers, and with remote networks. Workstations provide the graphical interface to supercomputers and can run(More)
Mr. John Gage is the Chief Researcher and Director of the Science Office, for Sun Microsystems. He was one of the founders of Sun, in 1982, when a group of students and professors from Stanford and UC Berkeley joined to create open systems in hardware and software. In 1995, John created NetDay, a volunteer project to bring the resources of world(More)
1 the authors assessed neuropsychologic deterioration following bypass surgery with cardiopulmonary bypass. They are to be congratulated for the rigorous design of their experiment and their willingness to report a " negative " result. Their topic is so important to our patients that model articles such as this, no matter what the result, are of the utmost(More)
a multidisciplinary community dedicated to research and training in the field of international security. The Center brings together scholars, policymakers, scientists, area specialists, members of the business community, and other experts to examine a wide range of international security issues. CISAC publishes its own series of working papers and reports(More)
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