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Exploration of cascade cyclizations terminated by tandem aromatic substitution: total synthesis of (+)-schweinfurthin A.
The termination of epoxide-initiated cascade cyclizations with a range of "protected" phenols is described. When the protecting group can be lost as a stabilized electrophile, the cascade processExpand
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Structural analogues of schweinfurthin F: probing the steric, electronic, and hydrophobic properties of the D-ring substructure.
The natural tetracyclic schweinfurthins are potent and selective inhibitors of cell growth in the National Cancer Institute's 60-cell line screen. An interest in determination of their cellular orExpand
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Synthesis and structure activity relationships of schweinfurthin indoles.
As part of a program to explore the biological activity of analogues of the natural schweinfurthins, a set of compounds has been prepared where an indole system can be viewed as a substitution forExpand
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Relevance of the C-5 position to schweinfurthin induced cytotoxicity.
The schweinfurthins are an intriguing group of anti-proliferative agents that display low nanomolar activities against several cell types, including the human-derived glioblastoma cell line SF-295,Expand
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Synthesis of indole analogues of the natural schweinfurthins.
An interest in the schweinfurthins, natural stilbenes with significant antiproliferative activity, has prompted efforts to prepare a set of indole analogues. To approach the desired compounds throughExpand
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Electrophilic aromatic prenylation via cascade cyclization.
To gain access to prenylated hexahydroxanthenes, tandem cascade cyclization-electrophilic aromatic substitution reactions have been studied on substrates bearing allylic and propargylic substituents.Expand
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Analogues de schweinfurthines
L'invention concerne un compose de formule (I) : R 1 -R 5 presentent l'une quelconque des valeurs definies dans la description. Les composes sont utiles pour le traitement du cancer et d'autresExpand
Studies on heteroaromatic schweinfurthin analogues
Natural products are a rich source of lead compounds for treatment of cancer as well as other diseases. Researchers at the National Cancer Institute, as part of their continuing effort to discoverExpand
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