John G. Wilson

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Virtual laparoscopic training systems have been shown to differentiate between the skills of experienced and novice laparoscopic surgeons. Measures such as total number of errors and completion time are used to assess skill, but these metrics do not give much insight into the processes behind skilled behavior in simulated laparoscopic tasks. The eye gaze of(More)
Consider a system of components operating in parallel. Downtime costs are incurred when failed components are not repaired or replaced. There are also xed, unit repair and replacement costs associated with the system. The failure distributions of the components are assumed to be identically distributed random variables. Results on calculating the expected(More)
In the literature on replacement/maintenance policies for systems of stochastically failing machines, it is generally assumed that the failure time parameters are known and the objective is to find a replacement policy that minimizes expected cost per unit of time. In practice, however, the variability of costs can be an important consideration. In(More)