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ROSE, JOHN G., AND JAY Y. GILLENWATER. Pathophysiology of ureteral obstruction. Am. J. Physiol. 225(4-j: 830437. 1973.Forty-five experiments measuring the force of contractility within the ureteral wall, its wall tension, and the propelling force within its lumen, its intraluminal pressure, were performed on 29 dogs. The parameters of wall tension and(More)
PURPOSE The purpose of this study was to determine the sensitivity of madarosis as an indicator for malignancy in eyelid lesions affecting the lid margin. METHODS A retrospective medical record review was completed for patients who were diagnosed with lesions affecting the eyelid margin which were suspicious for malignancy. Suspicion was determined by(More)
PURPOSE To examine with histology the anatomical location of hyaluronic acid gel injected to the infraorbital hollows of cadaver specimens. METHODS The authors dissected 5 fresh hemifacial cadaver specimens following preperiosteal injection of hyaluronic acid gel to the infraorbital hollows. Following tissue fixation, full-thickness soft tissue sections(More)