John G. P. Cole

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An algorithm and data management scheme is presented to utilize the data output of the SR-3000, a 3D LIDAR sensor. The SR-3000 generates a 4D point cloud at video frame rates where each point is described by its 3D coordinates and its optical intensity. The implementation of each major component of the algorithm is described, including a projective ICP(More)
Platelet rich plasma (PRP) was tested as a potential therapy for androgenetic alopecia (AGA) through two different clinical protocols in which one population (18 participants) received half-head treatment with autologous non-activated PRP (A-PRP) produced by CPunT Preparation System (Biomed Device, Modena, Italy) and the other half-head with placebo, and a(More)
BACKGROUND Over the last decade surgical management of hair loss has become an increasingly popular and satisfying procedure for both men and women, as innovations in donor harvesting, graft size, and hairline design have resulted in consistently natural-appearing hair restoration. OBJECTIVE In addition, a better understanding of the regulation of the(More)
Hair restoration is a highly sophisticated subspecialty that offers significant relief to patients with hair loss. An improved understanding of the aesthetics of hair loss and cosmetic hair restoration, hair anatomy and physiology, and the development of microvascular surgical instrumentation has revolutionized the approach to surgical hair restoration(More)
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