John G. Owens

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The micrometeorological modified Bowen ratio method was used for the first time to quantify fluxes of elemental mercury vapor (HgO) over contaminated soils during the spring and fall of 1993. W e determined fluxes using relationships among the concentration grai ients and fluxes of water vapor (measured with fast-response sensors and eddy correlation) and(More)
A novel, transdermal fentanyl solution (TFS) was developed that delivers sustained concentrations of fentanyl for days following a single application. The pharmacokinetics following a single topical dose was examined. Eighteen adult Beagle dogs were divided into three groups of six dogs (3M, 3F). Each group was administered a single dose of 1.3 (25), 2.6(More)
Few studies objectively evaluate olfactory function in animals following exposure to chemicals that induce nasal toxicity. An olfactometer capable of generating a reproducible olfactory stimulus and measuring an odorant-cued behavioral response was developed for rats from a commercially available two-way shuttle box. The box was modified to deliver the test(More)
The issue of ozone depletion created great change for the fire protection industry. Research into environmentally acceptable compounds began with the search for materials that were less ozone depleting than halons. Early generations of replacements offered lower ozone depletion potentials but due to the inclusion of bromine and chlorine fell short of the(More)
The elimination of the ozone depleting substances CFC-113 and 1, 1, 1-trichloroethane has forced industry to use numerous substitute materials and not-in-kind processes. Acceptable alternatives have been found for many applications. However, some of these alternatives have resulted in a higher cost in terms of process complexity and economics or have(More)
Smog chamber/FTIR techniques were used to study the atmospheric chemistry of the title compound which we refer to as RfOC2H5. Rate constants of k(Cl + RfOC2H5) = (2.70 +/- 0.36) x 10(-12), k(OH + RfOC2H5) = (5.93 +/- 0.85) x 10(-14), and k(Cl + RfOCHO) = (1.34 +/- 0.20) x 10(-14) cm3 molecule(-1') s(-1) were measured in 700 Torr of N2, or air, diluent at(More)
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