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We describe the Harwell-Boeing sparse matrix collection, a set of standard test matrices for sparse matrix problems. Our test set comprises problems in linear systems, least squares, and eigenvalue calculations from a wide variety of scientific and engineering disciplines. The problems range from small matrices, used as counter-examples to hypotheses in(More)
The critical bottlenecks in the implementation of the conjugate gradient algorithm on distributed memory computers are the communication requirements of the sparse matrix-vector multiply and of the vector recurrences. We describe the data distribution and communication patterns of jive general implementations, whose realizations demonstrate that the cost of(More)
This paper desribes a model implementation and test software for the Sparse Basic Linear Algebra Subprograms (Sparse BLAS). The Sparse BLAS perform vector operations common in sparse linear algebra, with the goal of providing efficient, but portable, implementations of algorithms for high performance computers. The model implementation provides a portable(More)
Recent vector supercomputers provide vector memory access to "randomly" indexed vectors, whereas early vector supercomputers required contiguously or regularly indexed vectors. This additional capability, known as "hardware gather/scatter," can be used to great effect in general sparse Gaussian elimination. In this note we present some examples that show(More)
for access to a compiler, libraries and complete information about ZPL ZPL Programming Guide iii Preface This guide seeks to be a complete introduction to the ZPL programming language and the programming style that it introduces. The presentation assumes the reader is experienced with some imperative programming language such as C, Fortran, Pascal, Ada or(More)
DESCRIPTION Given the structure of a symmetric or structurally s y m m e t r i c sparse matrix, G P S K C A a t t e m p t s to find a synlnaetric reordering of the matrix that produces a smaller bandwidth or profile. References [1], [4], [5], and [6] explain in detail the algorithms realized by G P S K C A. This algorithm provides the same m a t h e m a t i(More)
Variation in plasma levels of cortisol, an essential hormone in the stress response, is associated in population-based studies with cardio-metabolic, inflammatory and neuro-cognitive traits and diseases. Heritability of plasma cortisol is estimated at 30-60% but no common genetic contribution has been identified. The CORtisol NETwork (CORNET) consortium(More)
The Gibberellin Stimulated-Like (GSL) or Snakin peptides from higher plants are cysteine-rich, with broad spectrum activity against a range of bacterial and fungal pathogens. To detect GSL peptides in applications such as western blot analysis and enzyme-linked immunosorbent assays (ELISA), specific antibodies that recognise GSL peptides are required.(More)