John G. Klincewicz

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The DARPA CORONET project seeks to develop the target network architectures and technologies needed to build next-generation long-distance IP-over-Optical-Layer (IP/OL) networks. These next-generation networks are expected to scale 10–100 times larger than today’s largest commercial IP/OL network. Furthermore, DARPA has established advanced objectives for(More)
The Core Optical Networks (CORONET) program addresses the development of architectures, protocols, and network control and management to support the future advanced requirements of both commercial and government networks, with a focus on highly dynamic and highly resilient multi-terabit core networks. CORONET encompasses a global network supporting a(More)
Metropolitan (metro) carriers are deploying next-generation metro Ethernet networks. This deployment will eventually replace traditional private-line services provided by legacy Time Division Multiplexing (TDM) technologies (such as Digital Cross-Connect Systems and SONET rings) with metro Ethernet services. A critical near-term need is the enabling of rich(More)