John G. Kenney

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A DCO is realized in 0.13 μm CMOS using 4 cores for a 5.6 to 11.5 GHz octave tuning bandwidth to provide the clock for an all digital D/PLL CDR circuit. The DCO is novel in that it can track more than a 130 degree C temperature variation while the CDR maintains an error free lock to data. Each core is directly coupled to a div/2 to produce I/Q(More)
approved: David J. Allstot Multi-level decision feedback equalization (MDFE) is an effective technique to remove inter-symbol interference (ISI) from disk readback signals, which uses the simple architecture of decision feedback equalization. Parallelism which doubles the symbol rate can be realized by setting the first tap of the feedback filter to zero. A(More)
A 12.5 Gb/s half-rate clock and data recovery (CDR) circuit is described. The CDR uses a half-rate linear phase detector (LPD) which minimizes the number of latches required. To correct for static phase offsets (SPO) that inevitably result from variations in analog circuit parameters, a calibration scheme is used on startup. Measured high-frequency jitter(More)
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