John G. Hughes

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In this paper we discuss the use of Data Mining to provide a solution to the problem of cross-sales. We define and analyse the cross-sales problem and develop a hybrid methodology to solve it, using characteristic rule discovery and deviation detection. Deviation detection is used as a measure of interest to filter out the less interesting characteristic(More)
The large number of Web pages on many Web sites has raised navigational problems. Markov chains have recently been used to model user navigational behavior on the World Wide Web (WWW). In this paper, we propose a method for constructing a Markov model of a Web site based on past visitor behavior. We use the Markov model to make link predictions that assist(More)
The property management database system under development at the Northern Ireland Housing Executive (NIHE) is a large relational database system. The application system has a high expected transaction processing rate approximately 37000 transactions per day (most of them accessing mutliple tables) from about 250 on-line users. Performance is of critical(More)
In a previous study which evaluated the BACTEC 9240 automated blood culture system (Becton Dickinson Diagnostic Instrument Systems, Sparks, Md.), we noted a 1.3% "instrument false-positive" rate. That is, the BACTEC system signaled that a bottle (BACTEC Plus Aerobic/F bottle or BACTEC Anaerobic Lytic/10 bottle) culture was positive but a Gram stain was(More)
The results for 281,797 blood culture sets of specimens collected from adult patients at the Mayo Clinic over an approximately 8-year period (1 November 1984 through 30 November 1992) were analyzed in order to determine whether there were differences in the types of microorganisms isolated over this time and to assess the usefulness of anaerobic culturing(More)
User traversals on hyperlinks between Web pages can reveal semantic relationships between these pages. We use user traversals on hyperlinks as weights to measure semantic relationships between Web pages. On the basis of these weights, we propose a novel method to put Web pages on a Web site onto different conceptual levels in a link hierarchy. We develop a(More)