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This paper presents a prototype system for computer assisted surgery, the purpose of which is to assist orthopaedic surgeons when performing distal locking of intramedullary nails. This system comprises three components, namely: an Intelligent Image Intensifier, a Trajectory Tactician and an Intelligent Trajectory Guide. The Intelligent Image Intensifier is(More)
In intramedullary nail (IMN) surgical operations, one of the main efforts for surgeons is to find the axes of two distal holes. Two distal holes on an IMN, which are inside the intramedullary canal of a patient's femur, can only be seen in a lateral X-ray view. For the standard surgical procedure, the localization of the distal hole axes is a(More)
Implicit planar curve and surface fitting to a set of scattered points plays an important role in solving a wide variety of problems occurring in computer graphics modelling, computer graphics animation, and computer assisted surgery. The fitted implicit surfaces can be either algebraic or non-algebraic. The main problem with most algebraic surface fitting(More)
Within the field of the historical study of business, the study of corporate culture and specifically the communication of this phenomenon has been relatively neglected. That it should have been is rather surprising, since such a study can say much about an organization. The study of corporate culture became fashionable in the 1980s as managers looked for a(More)
Synopsis Looking back upon the argument as it unfolds in this article, it strikes me that its structure is essentially autobiographical. The effectiveness of legislation is a classic topic in the sociology of law, but one which at the time I began working in the field was already widely regarded as outmoded and wrongheaded (see Griffiths 1978). The article(More)