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OBJECTIVE To examine the clinical effectiveness and cost-effectiveness of referral to group art therapy plus standard care, compared with referral to an activity group plus standard care and standard care alone, among people with schizophrenia. DESIGN A three-arm, parallel group, single-blind, pragmatic, randomised controlled trial. Participants were(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Acute stroke care is shaped by healthcare policies. Differing policies in similar populations allow for assessment of policy impact on health and healthcare outcomes. The purpose of this study was to compare stroke presentation and hospital care in two adjacent healthcare systems with differing healthcare policies. METHODS(More)
OBJECTIVES To evaluate the clinical effectiveness of group art therapy for people with schizophrenia and to test whether any benefits exceed those of an active control treatment. DESIGN Three arm, rater blinded, pragmatic, randomised controlled trial. SETTING Secondary care services across 15 sites in the United Kingdom. PARTICIPANTS 417 people aged(More)
BACKGROUND Following an appendectomy, surgeons define appendicitis, for treatment and billing purposes, into one of four categories: normal appendix, acute appendicitis, gangrenous appendicitis, and perforated appendicitis. Treatment of appendicitis is predicated upon classification at the time of visual inspection. Further, this classification often plays(More)
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