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This study describes the initial reliability and validity data on the Adolescent Dissociative Experiences Scale (A-DES), a screening measure for pathological dissociation during adolescence. The A-DES showed good scale and subscale reliability, and, as hypothesized, increased scores were associated with reported trauma in a patient population. A-DES scores(More)
Based on a conceptual framework for the long-term effects of childhood abuse, this study examined the capacity of childhood family environment (caretaker dysfunction, neglect, perceived social support), violent abuse (physical and sexual), and individual variables (other abuse) to predict adult psychiatric symptoms of PTSD, dissociation, and depression.(More)
Enkephalins are opioid peptides that are found at high levels in the brain and endocrine tissues. Studies have shown that enkephalins play an important role in behavior, pain, cardiac function, cellular growth, immunity, and ischemic tolerance. Our global hypothesis is that enkephalins are released from non-neuronal tissues in response to brief ischemia or(More)
The reader familiar with the borderline literature may see a correspondence between certain of our MPD/DD Rorschach results and typical borderline characteristics. Most notably, both groups reason and view others in unusual but not psychotic ways and demonstrate certain difficulties in affect integration. On the other hand, the MPD/DD group exhibits many(More)
Recent advances in the understanding of multiple personality disorder provide the groundwork for its creative reconciliation with psychoanalysis. This paper uses psychoanalytic, modern developmental, and psychological assessment perspectives to conceptualize multiple personality disorder as a developmentally protective response to chronic childhood trauma.(More)
BACKGROUND Weekly symptoms of gastroesophageal reflux disease (GERD) occur in 20% of the population, and GERD has been implicated in the pathophysiology of many respiratory diseases. Microaspiration of contaminated water is a potential portal of entry for Mycobacterium avium complex (MAC) organisms into the respiratory tract, and acid-suppression therapy(More)
The Feelings of Fatness Questionnaire (FOFQ) was developed to assess the variability of bodily feelings of thinness-fatness across life situations. The FOFQ, three other conventional measures of perceptual and cognitive-affective body experience, the Beck Depression Inventory, and the Eating Attitudes Test were administered to 132 undergraduate women. The(More)
Several successful theories of psychophysical judgment imply that exponents of power functions in scaling tasks should covary with measures of intensity resolution such as d' in the same tasks, whereas the prevailing metatheory of ideal psychophysical scaling asserts the independence of the two. In a direct test of this relationship, three prominent(More)
Stereo radiography and stereotopography were used to record simultaneously the three-dimensional spinal and back surface shape of 141 patients with a clinical diagnosis of adolescent onset idiopathic scoliosis. Radiography confirmed 80 patients with single lateral curves (Cobb angle 5-87 degrees); 59 with double curves (Cobb angle 5-61 degrees), and two(More)
Pilomatrix carcinoma is the rare malignant counterpart of pilomatrixoma, a skin adnexal tumour originating from hair matrix cells. Pilomatrix carcinoma can arise as a solitary lesion de novo, or through transformation of a pilomatrixoma. Pilomatrixoma was first described erroneously as being of sebaceous gland origin but was later discovered to be derived(More)