John G. Arena

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The Psychosomatic Symptom Checklist (PSC), a questionnaire assessing psychosomatic symptoms, was administered to two separate samples of college students. For Sample 1 (N=698),the questionnaire was readministered to three separate subsets at intervals of either 1 week (N=143),4 weeks (N=74),or 8 weeks (N=48).Each subset of subjects recompleted the PSC on(More)
Surface EMG recordings of bilateral paraspinal muscle tension were measured on 207 subjects (29 non-back pain controls, 20 individuals with spondyloarthritis, 52 with intervertebral disk disorders, 66 with unspecified musculoskeletal backache, 17 with some combination of the above 3 groups and 23 subjects with other types of back pain, including unknown,(More)
Surface electromyographic (EMG) activity recordings of bilateral paraspinal muscle tension were measured twice on 20 non-pain controls and on 46 low back pain subjects (21 individuals with intervertebral disk disorders and 25 subjects with unspecified musculoskeletal backache) during 6 positions: standing, bending from the waist, rising, sitting with back(More)
The amygdala is thought to be an important neural structure underlying the "fight-or-flight" response, but information on its role in humans is scarce. The clinical and psychophysiological effects of amygdalar destruction were studied in 2 patients who underwent bilateral amygdalotomy for intractable aggression. After surgery, both patients showed a(More)
Physician behavior during inpatient rounds was observed and quantified for 394 interactions between patients with cancer and physicians. Most patients had solid tumors (90%) and a limited prognosis despite treatment (61%). The physicians spent 1.45 +/- 0.58 h on morning rounds seeing an average of 9.3 +/- 3.39 patients. For each patient an average of 3.61(More)
This study is the first systematic examination of a trapezius EMG biofeedback training regimen with tension headache sufferers. It evaluated the differential effects of three psychophysiological treatments for tension headache: (1) a standard 12-session frontal EMG biofeedback training regimen (n = 8), (2) a 12-session upper trapezius EMG biofeedback(More)