John G Allan

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Plasma Zinc and renal clearance of Zinc have been studied in patients with various chronic hepatic disorders. Plasma Zinc levels were reduced in patients with all forms of chronic hepatic disease and were of no value in differentiating these conditions. The renal clearance of Zinc was found to be significantly higher in patients with chronic hepatic disease(More)
1. The effect of conjugated and unconjugated bile acids in various concentrations on the absorption of water, sodium and chloride in the proximal jejunum in man has been studied using a perfusion system incorporating a proximal occluding balloon. 2. Unconjugated cholic acid and its glycine and taurine conjugates had no significant effect on water and(More)
A double-blind controlled trial was performed to assess the effectiveness of cholestyramine in treating severe continuous postvagotomy diarrhoea. Each patient and a clinician assessed the results, and those treated with cholestyramine showed a considerable improvement over those given placebo. There were no significant side effects or changes in laboratory(More)