John Frederick Sweeney

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BACKGROUND Obesity is associated with chronic inflammation, which includes increased macrophage accumulation in adipose tissue (AT) and upregulation of chemokines and cytokines. T cells also play important roles in chronic inflammatory diseases such as atherosclerosis but have not been well studied in obesity. METHODS AND RESULTS Flow cytometric analysis(More)
BACKGROUND Splenectomy has 50% to 70% long-term efficacy for immune thrombocytopenic purpura (ITP). In some patients, relapse is due to the presence of residual accessory splenic tissue. METHODS A 44-year-old male had ITP since 1983 with splenectomy in 1985. He had a transient response, but then developed severe thrombocytopenia refractory to multiple(More)
Colonic lipomas are infrequent lesions, yet they are the second most common benign lesions of the colon after benign adenomatous polyps. Their treatment ranges from observation to segmental colectomy and has been a matter of debate since Bauer first reported them in 1757. With the advent of new technologies, therapeutic options now include observation,(More)
BACKGROUND Numerous recent reports describe the performance of laparoscopic procedures through a single incision. Although the feasibility of this approach for a variety of procedures is currently being established, little data are available regarding safety. CASE REPORT A 65-year-old female patient who was transferred from an outside institution had(More)
This paper reports research on improving decisions about hospital discharges - decisions that are now made by physicians based on mainly subjective evaluations of patients' discharge status. We report an experiment on uptake of our clinical decision support software (CDSS) which presents physicians with evidence-based discharge criteria that can be(More)
BACKGROUND We examined event-related potential (ERP), behavioral and psychological correlates of binge drinking and the use of alcohol mixed with caffeinated beverages (AmCBs) in college-aged (18-26 years) adults. OBJECTIVE Our objective was to delineate the neurocognitive correlates of different patterns of risky alcohol use in this population. METHODS(More)
Video capsule endoscopy is now a first-line tool in evaluating and diagnosing gastrointestinal bleeding, inflammatory bowel disease, and small bowel neoplasms. Capsule nonpassage or retention is an uncommon but clinically significant occurrence. How to best retrieve these retained capsules is currently being debated. We report a laparoscopic approach for(More)
The final element of the Qi Men Dun Jia Model is the Boerdijk-Coxeter Helix, since this brings matter up to the level of DNA strings or lattices. Composed of Octonions, Twisted Octonions and Sedenions, the author examines the Boerdijk-Coxeter Helix from various perspectives to illustrate how BC – Helices play an important role in the formation of matter.
The recent regulatory changes enacted by the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) have identified hospital readmission rates as a critical healthcare quality metric. This research focuses on the utilization of pay-for-performance (P4P) mechanisms to cost effectively reduce hospital readmission rates and meet the regulatory standards set by CMS.(More)
Einstein's flawed understanding of gravity has misled modern physics down the wrong path, while his contemporaries held the correct understanding. This paper reviews the concept of gravity in light of Vedic Nuclear Physics, and the understanding of gravity pro-posedNarlikar theory and others. Finally, this paper explains the " worm hole " or Substratum(More)