John Frackoviak

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The combination of device speed (f/sub T/, f/sub max/>150 GHz) and breakdown voltage (V/sup bcco/ of about 10 V), makes the double heterojunction InP-based HBT (D-HBT), a very attractive technology to implement the most demanding analog functions of 40 Gb/s transceivers. This is illustrated by the performance of a number of InP D-HBT circuits including(More)
High-performance and compact push-push oscillators operating up to 215 GHz were realized in a 0.5 /spl mu/m emitter double-heterojunction InGaAs/InP HBT (D-HBT) technology with maximum oscillation frequency f/sub max/ of 220 GHz and Vbceo>5V. Two different push-push topologies, each based on a differential Collpitt oscillators topology, were investigated.(More)
This talk will provide a general overview of the high speed electronics necessary to provide the essential physical layer interface between the high speed TDM optical signals and the lower bit-rate tributary electrical signals. We will examine the performance requirement of each critical function block and the associated compound semiconductor IC(More)
A single-ended InP transimpedance amplifier (TIA) for next generation high-bandwidth optical fiber communication systems is presented. The TIA exhibits 48 dB-Omega transimpedance and has a 3-dB bandwidth of 92 GHz. The input-referred current noise is 20 pA/radicHz and the transimpedance group delay is below 10 ps over the entire measured frequency range.
Recently, InP/InGaAs/InP double-heterostructure bipolar transistors (DHBT) have attracted a lot of attention in the realization of high-speed (>40 Gb/s) optical communication systems (G. Raghaven et al., IEEE Spectrum, Oct. 2000; Y. Baeyens et al, IEEE GaAs IC Symp. Tech. Dig., pp. 125-128, 2001; Y.K. Chen et al., IEDM Tech. Dig., 2001, and OFC Tech. Dig.,(More)
A high-performance and compact 40 Gb/s driver amplifier was realized in a 1.2 /spl mu/m emitter double-heterojunction InGaAs/InP HBT (D-HBT) technology. The 2-stage differential driver features a lumped input and fully distributed output stage and delivers more then 10 Vpp output swing at 40 Gb/s with 700 fs RMS jitter and rise and fall times of less than 8(More)
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