John Foster Reeve

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As part of a multi-pronged approach to improving the quality of drug use in the elderly, a pharmacist was contracted by the Division of General Practice (Northern Tasmania) to develop educational material and implement two academic detailing sessions for general practitioners on the issues of adverse drug reactions and drug interactions in older people. The(More)
Recent reports commissioned by the Australian Government have highlighted the need to improve medication use in both community and hospital settings. Nurses are placed ideally to promote safe and effective drug use. The aim of this project was to develop and evaluate a computer-assisted instruction package, to help undergraduate nursing students improve(More)
Few asylums fail to number, amongst the unfortunates confided to their protection, certain individuals whose particular delusion induces them to decline taking the slightest sustenance, and who persist in their refusal during days, weeks, or even months.* Stratagem and persuasion are alike unavailing to alter their determination, and various and singular(More)
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