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Tamoxifen, a non-steroidal anti-estrogen widely used against breast cancer, is also useful for treatment of other malignancies, due to its sensitizing effect on other chemotherapeutic agents and radiation. We have investigated the advantages of combining tamoxifen with one of the commonly used cancer chemotherapeutic drug, etoposide (VP-16) in brain tumor(More)
OBJECTIVE Polymyositis is an inflammatory disorder of muscle that is often difficult to diagnose. The purpose of this study was to assess the usefulness and cost-effectiveness of MR imaging as a biopsy guide in patients with suspected polymyositis as an alternative to a blind biopsy. SUBJECTS AND METHODS Our subjects were 25 patients with clinically(More)
JAPI • VOL. 51 • JULY 2003 smear shows red cell fragments, schistocytes, and helmet cells suggestive of hemolysis. Other features suggestive of MAHA are reticulocytosis, indirect hyperbilirubinina, hemoglobinuria, nucleated red cells and increased LDH. Coagulation parameters are normal except increased FDP. Histopathology shows hyaline thrombi and(More)
Donor leukocyte infusions (DLI) can reverse relapse of hematologic malignancy following allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplant (HSCT) in some cases. Little is known regarding the effectiveness of DLI in children who relapse after HSCT. We report outcomes of 49 children who received DLI for relapse after allogeneic transplant. Prognosis was(More)
A 1,700-g, 31 weeks' gestational age infant developed early onset Group B streptococcal septicemia associated with shock and respiratory distress. The infant was treated with antibiotics, exchange transfusion, and white cell transfusion. The infant improved, and then acutely deteriorated following the third white cell transfusion. Cause of death was(More)
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