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In many automatic face recognition applications, a set of a person's face images is available rather than a single image. In this paper, we describe a novel method for face recognition using image sets. We propose a flexible, semi-parametric model for learning probability densities confined to highly non-linear but intrinsically low-dimensional manifolds.(More)
The article reports on a multilevel analysis conducted to examine change in neighborhood walking activity over a 12-month period in a community-based sample of 28 neighborhoods of 303 older adults age 65 and over. The study employed a multilevel (residents nested within neighborhoods) and longitudinal (4 repeated measures over 1 year) design and a(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical studies have indicated that the angular position of the acetabular cup may influence wear in metal-on-metal total hip bearings. A high cup angle in comparison to the anatomical position may lead to the head being constrained by the superior lateral surface and rim of the cup, thus potentially changing the location of the contact zone(More)
OBJECTIVES To develop strategies to recruit and retain inactive older adults into a physical activity program. METHODS Names of 7378 older adults were obtained from 60 neighborhoods. Then, 6401 potential subjects were matched to telephone numbers and phoned. Subjects meeting the screening criteria were invited to join the program (n = 4209). Walk leaders(More)
Nanometre-sized particles of ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene have been identified in the lubricants retrieved from hip simulators. Tissue samples were taken from seven failed Charnley total hip replacements, digested using strong alkali and analysed using high-resolution field emission gun-scanning electron microscopy to determine whether(More)
PURPOSE Despite the documented benefits of physical activity, it remains difficult to motivate older adults to start and maintain regular physical activity. This study tested an innovative intervention for mobilizing older adults into a neighborhood-based walking program. DESIGN AND METHODS Researchers recruited a total of 260 healthy but insufficiently(More)
Acknowledgments This report was written by William W. Jones with statistical analyses prepared by Becca Barnes, both of Indiana University's School of Public and Environmental Affairs (SPEA). It represents five years of traversing the State of Indiana, reading maps, searching for lake access, extracting stuck trailers, seemingly endless washing of(More)
We report the identification of ligands for Tyro 3 (alternatively called Sky, rse, brt, or tif) and Axl (alternatively, Ark or UFO), members of a previously orphan family of receptor-like tyrosine kinases. These ligands correspond to protein S, a protease regulator that is a potent anticoagulant, and Gas6, a protein related to protein S but lacking any(More)