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In many automatic face recognition applications, a set of a person's face images is available rather than a single image. In this paper, we describe a novel method for face recognition using image sets. We propose a flexible, semi-parametric model for learning probability densities confined to highly non-linear but intrinsically low-dimensional manifolds.(More)
Most research to date has approached employee empowerment as an individual-level phenomenon. In this study we proposed a work-unit-level construct, empowerment climate, and tested a multiple-level model integrating macro and micro approaches to empowerment. Empowerment climate was shown to be empirically distinct from psychological empowerment and(More)
The article reports on a multilevel analysis conducted to examine change in neighborhood walking activity over a 12-month period in a community-based sample of 28 neighborhoods of 303 older adults age 65 and over. The study employed a multilevel (residents nested within neighborhoods) and longitudinal (4 repeated measures over 1 year) design and a(More)
BACKGROUND Clinical studies have indicated that the angular position of the acetabular cup may influence wear in metal-on-metal total hip bearings. A high cup angle in comparison to the anatomical position may lead to the head being constrained by the superior lateral surface and rim of the cup, thus potentially changing the location of the contact zone(More)
We report the identification of ligands for Tyro 3 (alternatively called Sky, rse, brt, or tif) and Axl (alternatively, Ark or UFO), members of a previously orphan family of receptor-like tyrosine kinases. These ligands correspond to protein S, a protease regulator that is a potent anticoagulant, and Gas6, a protein related to protein S but lacking any(More)
Mesenchymal stem cells (MSC) are multipotential cells with utility in tissue engineering and regenerative medicine. However, the immunological properties and immunogenicity of allogeneic MSC remain poorly defined. Recent studies investigating their immunogenicity remain inconclusive and this has hampered their clinical application. This study investigated(More)
The Ocean Portable Hyperspectral Imager for Low-Light Spectroscopy (Ocean PHILLS) is a hyperspectral imager specifically designed for imaging the coastal ocean. It uses a thinned, backsideilluminated CCD for high sensitivity and an all-reflective spectrograph with a convex grating in an Offner configuration to produce a nearly distortionfree image. The(More)
Hip models that incorporate the biphasic behaviour of articular cartilage can improve understanding of the joint function, pathology of joint degeneration and effect of potential interventions. The aim of this study was to develop a specimen-specific biphasic finite element model of a porcine acetabulum incorporating a biphasic representation of the(More)