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Whole body vibration (WBV) is theorized to enhance neural potentiation of the stretch reflex. The purpose of this study was to determine if WBV affects the quadriceps reflex from a patellar tendon tap. Subjects were 22 volunteers (age 23 +/- 2 yrs, ht 172.8 +/- 10.8 cm, body mass 68.6 +/- 12.3 kg). The stretch reflex was elicited from the dominant leg pre,(More)
OBJECTIVE To determine if submaximal contractions used in contract-relax proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (CRPNF) stretching of the hamstrings yield comparable gains in hamstring flexibility to maximal voluntary isometric contractions (MVICs). METHOD Randomised controlled trial. A convenience sample of 72 male subjects aged 18-27 was used.(More)
BACKGROUND AND PURPOSE Proprioceptive neuromuscular facilitation (PNF) stretches are widely used in athletics and rehabilitation. Although it has been shown that they produce better range-of-motion (ROM) increases than the slow or static stretch, the mechanisms responsible remain an enigma. This study was conducted to determine whether the previously(More)
Electromechanical delay (EMD) is a measurement used to assess the mechanical lag between muscle activation onset and force production. EMD measurements may be performed by voluntary or electrically evoked muscle activation. This study compared gastrocnemius EMD during voluntary and involuntary contractions and assessd the intrasession reliability of each(More)
To assess test-retest reliability scores on 16 balance tests of 21 individuals with Down syndrome whose ages ranged from 5 to 31 yr., participants performed a standing test on firm and soft surfaces with the eyes open and closed, the balance subset of the Bruininks-Oseretsky test, full turn, timed-up-and-go test, forward reach, and sit-to-stand. Each(More)
Knee joint pain (KJP) is a cardinal symptom in knee pathologies, and quadriceps inhibition is commonly observed among KJP patients. Previously, KJP independently reduced quadriceps strength and activation. However, it remains unknown how disinhibitory transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) will affect inhibited quadriceps motor function. This(More)
Although various strategies for forming design teams have been documented in the literature, there continues to be a need to assess these established strategies as well as to propose new ones. In the present study the development of a new team formation strategy based on the " Six Thinking Hats " of Edward DeBono is described. An instrument for categorizing(More)
OBJECTIVE To observe the differences in performance variables of the sit to stand transfer (as measured on the NeuroCom Balance Master) in a population of senior athletes. METHOD A convenience sample of 173 subjects aged 50 years and older. Data were obtained from voluntary participation in a health fair offered at the annual Huntsman World Senior Games(More)
Various shoes are worn by distance runners throughout a training season. This study measured the differences in ground reaction forces between running shoes, racing flats, and distance spikes in order to provide information about the potential effects of footwear on injury risk in highly competitive runners. Ten male and ten female intercollegiate distance(More)
Development and use of rapid prototyping (RP) has drastically expanded in the last 10 years. Although use of the technology has been predominately focused in industry, academic use has become somewhat prevalent as well. At the U. S. Air Force Academy we have been using RP to enhance our design curriculum for the last three years. In this paper we give a(More)