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Methylenedioxymethamphetamine (MDMA, 'ecstasy'), widely used as a recreational drug, can produce hyponatraemia. The possibility that this could result from stimulation of vasopressin by MDMA or one of its metabolites has been investigated in vitro. Release of both oxytocin and vasopressin from isolated hypothalami obtained from male Wistar rats was(More)
In this study, we developed the core-matched nanoemulsions (NEs) functionalized by vitamin E (VE) and tocopherol poly(ethylene glycol)succinate (TPGS) to codeliver hydrophobic and hydrophilic drugs, paclitaxel (PTX) and 5-fluoroucacil (5-FU), in order to achieve synergistic effects and overcome PTX resistance in a multi-drug-resistant (MDR) human epidermal(More)
This paper presents Weave, an open-source application framework designed to support both asynchronous and real-time collaborative visualizations. While other frameworks add support for session state as an afterthought, Weave was designed from the beginning with sessioning in mind. The framework allows run-time linking and modification of any parameter.(More)
— A fictitious amusement park and a larger-than-life hometown football hero provided participants in the VAST Challenge 2015 with an engaging yet complex storyline and setting in which to analyze movement and communication patterns. The datasets for the 2015 challenge were large—averaging nearly 10 million records per day over a three day period—with a(More)
The expression levels of several efflux drug transporters in the liver and kidney were evaluated across species to address potential roles of the transporters in species dependent excretion of drugs and their metabolites. Four efflux transporters, namely MDR1/P-gp, BCRP/Bcrp, MRP2/Mrp2 and MRP3/Mrp3 in liver and kidney in three preclinical species and(More)
It is commonly observed that hydrophobic molecules alone cannot self-assemble into stable nanoparticles, requiring amphiphilic or ionic materials to support nanoparticle stability and function in vivo. We report herein newly self-assembled nanomedicines through entirely different mechanisms. We present proof-of-concept methodology and results in support of(More)
In this paper, I describe the process I used to achieve profit in the stock market over one year, trading ten stocks. I utilized Hidden Markov Models to predict each stock price daily. The Baum-Welch algorithm was used to train Hidden Markov Models for each stock using training data from 2009-2011. These Hidden Markov Models were then applied to stock data(More)