John F. T. MacLaren

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Many emerging high performance applications require distributed infrastructure that is significantly more powerful and flexible than traditional grids. Such applications require the optimization, close integration, and control of all grid resources, including networks. The EnLIGHTened (ENL) computing project has designed an architectural framework that(More)
Aspects of the static and dynamic behaviour of valve reeds were considered. Initially static deformation and stress in a cantilever suction valve reed were calculated using the finite element method. Some useful conclusions were drawn despite the .neglect of dynamic effects. The free vibration of a cantilever reed was derived using the same method. The(More)
The ability to request computational resources, in a manner which hides the detail of the particular physical resources resources on which the computation will be implemented , is a core function in a working Grid. Indeed, if the Grid as an abstract concept is to have any meaning, beyond the particular implementations of given middleware systems which(More)
A model is described which may be used to simulate the events in a reciprocating compressor when the thermodynamic properties of the working fluid are represented by a real gas equation of state. A comparison is made between calculated parameters of performance obtained using the Martin-Dawning form of the equation of state for refrigerant R12 and(More)
In recent years a number of mathematical models have been developed which simulate reciprocating compressor performance a·nd valve behaviour, Such a model (4), has been used with a 'complex' optimisation procedure to optimise the design of spring loaded ring plate valves in a reciprocating air compressor. Features of the procedure are discussed, such as the(More)