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John Zachman introduced a framework for information systems architecture (SA) that has been widely adopted by systems analysts and database designers. It provides a taxonomy for relating the concepts that describe the real world to the concepts that describe an information system and its implementation. The ISA framework has a simple elegance that makes it(More)
The Internet is a giant semiotic system. It is a massive collection of Peirce's three kinds of signs: icons, which show the form of something; indices, which point to something; and symbols, which represent something according to some convention. But current proposals for ontologies and metadata have overlooked some of the most important features of signs.(More)
A parser applies grammar rules to generate a parse tree that shows the syntactic structure of a sentence. This paper describes a semantic interpreter that starts with a parse tree and generates conceptual graphs that represent the meaning of the sentence. To generate conceptual graphs, the interpreter joins canonical graphs associated with each word of(More)