John F. Shoch

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The “worm” programs were an experiment in the development of distributed computations: programs that span machine boundaries and also replicate themselves in idle machines. A “worm” is composed of multiple “segments,” each running on a different machine. The underlying worm maintenance mechanisms are responsible for(More)
The Ethernet communications network is a broadcast, multiaccess system for local computer networking, using the techniques of <italic>carrier sense</italic> and <italic>collision detection</italic>. Recently we have measured the actual performance and error characteristics of an existing Ethernet installation which provides communications services to over(More)
The language development itself is but one part of a broader effort to explore the ways in whic h people can manipulate information and communicate with machines . It is one tool utilized in the construction of an interactive computer system, used by both children and adults for proble m solving, simulation, drawing and painting, real time generation of(More)
In the last several years there has been a dramatic increase in both research and development in the field of "local computer networks" -communications systems meant to provide multi-megabit links among computers within a building, or within a small complex of buildings. One of the most successful designs for a local network is the multi-access bus known as(More)
we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of independent computer systems used for scientific computing, business, process control, word processing, and personal computing. These machines do not compute in isolation, and with their proliferation comes a need for suitable communication networks-particularly local computer networks that can(More)
The work described centers on communications in the local environment such as an office building, hospital, military command center and the like. Connection is made to long haul services through gateways to support desk-to-desk connection. To be completely supportive of the requirements, the solution must provide for interaction in all modes whether it be(More)