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The Ethernet: a local area network; data link layer and physical layer specifications , version 1.0. [23] R. Perlman. An algorithm for distributed computation of a spanning tree in an extended LAN. within the subdomain a special " wild-card " group that all superdomain routers may join; the changes to each algorithm to support wild-card groups are(More)
The “worm” programs were an experiment in the development of distributed computations: programs that span machine boundaries and also replicate themselves in idle machines. A “worm” is composed of multiple “segments,” each running on a different machine. The underlying worm maintenance mechanisms are responsible for(More)
we have witnessed a dramatic increase in the number of independent computer systems used for scientific computing , business, process control, word processing, and personal computing. These machines do not compute in isolation, and with their proliferation comes a need for suitable communication networks-particularly local computer networks that can(More)
Pup is the name of an internet packet format (PARe Universal Packet), a hierarchy of protocols, and a style of internetwork communication. end·to·end media· independent internetwork datagram. achieved by end·to·end protocols that are strictly a communicating end processes. The fundamental abstraction is an Higher levels of functionality are matter of(More)
The Bay Area Packet Radio Network has been integrated into an existing architecture for network interconnection: it can be used to provide radio communications for directly connected hosts, or as an alternative packet transport mechanism to carry traffic between two local networks. The radio link is operational, and can support regular internetwork(More)