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BACKGROUND Health care organizations may be able to use pharmacy data to identify patients with schizophrenia and poor antipsychotic adherence. OBJECTIVE To determine whether a pharmacy-based measure of outpatient adherence, the medication possession ratio (MPR), is associated with adverse outcomes among patients with schizophrenia, as evidenced by(More)
CONTEXT Although numerous studies have documented the clear link between psychiatric conditions and suicide, few have allowed for the comparison between the strength of association between different psychiatric diagnoses and suicide. OBJECTIVE To examine the strength of association between different types of psychiatric diagnoses and the risk of suicide(More)
CONTEXT The rate of prescription opioid-related overdose death increased substantially in the United States over the past decade. Patterns of opioid prescribing may be related to risk of overdose mortality. OBJECTIVE To examine the association of maximum prescribed daily opioid dose and dosing schedule ("as needed," regularly scheduled, or both) with risk(More)
OBJECTIVE People with mental disorders are estimated to die 25 years younger than the general population, and heart disease (HD) is a major contributor to their mortality. We assessed whether Veterans Affairs (VA) health system patients with mental disorders were more likely to die from HD than patients without these disorders, and whether modifiable(More)
OBJECTIVES We sought to report clinical and demographic factors associated with suicide among depressed veterans in an attempt to determine what characteristics identified depressed veterans at high risk for suicide. METHODS We used longitudinal, nationally representative data (1999-2004) to determine suicide rates among depressed veterans, estimating(More)
Many patients with schizophrenia are poorly adherent with antipsychotic medications. The newer, atypical antipsychotics may be more acceptable to patients and result in increased adherence. We used national Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) pharmacy data to examine whether patients receiving atypical agents are more adherent with their medication and(More)
This paper reports on residential mobility among patients treated in the Veterans Affairs (VA) health system. We examine mobility in relation to patients’ psychiatric disorders, and we assess the impact of mobility on health system geographic accessibility and continuity of care following inpatient discharge. Subjects included 534,002 patients with(More)
This paper describes the status of the Veterans Health Administration (VHA) Primary Care-Mental Health Integration (PC-MHI) services implementation and presents an assessment of associations between receipt of PC-MHI services and likelihood of receiving a second specialty mental health (SMH) appointment following an initial SMH encounter. The total PC-MHI(More)
Radon gas ((222)Rn) is a natural constituent of the environment and a risk factor for lung cancer that we are exposed to as a result of radioactive decay of radium ((226)Ra) in stone and soil. Granite countertops, in particular, have received recent media attention regarding their potential to emit radon. Radon flux was measured on 39 full slabs of granite(More)