John F.L. Simmons

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In an effort to clarify the features of hepatic dysfunction in sickle cell disease, we obtained serial tests of liver function in 100 consecutive patients with sickle cell anemia and in 30 consecutive patients with hemoglobinopathy SC during a five-year period. There were 32 patients with chronic abnormalities in tests of liver function. These abnormal(More)
BACKGROUND An inadequate supply of physicians who perform colonoscopies contributes to suboptimal screening rates, especially among the underserved. This shortage could be reduced if primary care physicians perform colonoscopies. This purpose of this article is to report quality indicators from colonoscopy procedures performed by family medicine physicians(More)
BACKGROUND The neuroprotective effects of cooling the spinal cord in a sheep model by a self-contained intrathecal catheter was reported recently by the authors. The present study was designed to determine if cooling catheters in the lateral ventricles of the brain can effectively cool the CSF and thereby reduce brain temperature while maintaining systemic(More)
In a multicenter study of 128 patients treated with ciprofloxacin (mean daily dosage, 982 mg per day; mean duration of treatment, 8.9 days) for a variety of infections, 48 were microbiologically proven. Of these, bacteriologic cure and/or improvement resulted in 93% of cases. For all 128 infections clinical cure and/or improvement resulted in 93.8% of(More)
A 27-year-old otherwise healthy veterinary student presented with a slow-growing, painless , red mass on his finger that first appeared three weeks earlier. Weeping occurred without provocation, and it bled lightly with minimal trauma. It did not respond to an over-the-counter antibiotic ointment. The patient reported a minor skin break in the same area and(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a simple measure of ataxia for use at high altitude. METHODS Twenty healthy subjects took part in a trek to 5005 m. At 5 different altitudes on the route, they undertook a balance test using a wobble board. The primary objectives were to investigate disturbances of ataxia at altitude and to correlate any observed disturbances with(More)
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