John F.L. Simmons

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BACKGROUND An inadequate supply of physicians who perform colonoscopies contributes to suboptimal screening rates, especially among the underserved. This shortage could be reduced if primary care physicians perform colonoscopies. This purpose of this article is to report quality indicators from colonoscopy procedures performed by family medicine physicians(More)
OBJECTIVE To establish a simple measure of ataxia for use at high altitude. METHODS Twenty healthy subjects took part in a trek to 5005 m. At 5 different altitudes on the route, they undertook a balance test using a wobble board. The primary objectives were to investigate disturbances of ataxia at altitude and to correlate any observed disturbances with(More)
Substance abuse among American Indians has a long history that dates back to the colonial era. American Indian youth today continue to have one of the highest substance abuse rates when compared with other groups. Researchers have implemented American Indian youth substance abuse interventions that previously have worked in the general population, but(More)
BACKGROUND The high rates of cancer among American Indians and Alaska Natives are of growing concern. CONTEXT In response to high cancer rates, national, state, and tribal organizations have worked to assess knowledge, attitudes, beliefs, and screening practices related to cancer in American Indian and Alaska Native communities and to increase awareness(More)
Much interest has been generated recently by the ongoing MACHO, EROS and OGLE projects to identify gravitationally lensed stars from the Large Magellanic Cloud and Galactic bulge, and the positive identification of several events (Alcock et al, (1993), Aubourg et al, (1993) and Udalski et al, (1993)). The rate at which such events are found should provide(More)