John F. Greden

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Four hundred thirty-eight subjects underwent an overnight dexamethasone suppression test (DST) to standardize the test for the diagnosis of melancholia (endogenous depression). Abnormal plasma cortisol concentrations within 24 hours after dexamethasone administration occurred almost exclusively in melancholic patients. The best plasma cortisol criterion(More)
OBJECTIVE This study was an investigation of the frequencies of insomnia and its self-medication with alcohol in a group of alcoholic patients, as well as the relationship of these variables to alcoholic relapse. METHOD The subjects were 172 men and women receiving treatment for alcohol dependence. They completed a sleep questionnaire, measures of alcohol(More)
The Carroll rating scales (CRS) was developed as a self rating instrument for depression, closely matching the information content and specific items of the Hamilton rating scales (HRS). The CRS was found to have acceptable face validity and reliability. The concurrent validity of the CRS was acceptable, based on comparisons with the HRS and the Beck(More)
This article is intended to elucidate some of the neuropathogenetic mechanisms possibly operative in obsessive-compulsive disorder (OCD). Relevant literature is reviewed, with attention to psychologic, and pathologic considerations. Anatomy, neurochemistry, and known functional associations with neuropathological and behavioral abnormalities of implicated(More)
Although several studies have investigated the occurrence of medical and neurological conditions in persons with autism, relatively few reports have focused on the phenomenology and treatment of psychiatric disorders in this population. There is emerging evidence that depression is probably the most common psychiatric disorder that occurs in autistic(More)
Polysomnographic abnormalities in schizophrenia are not well characterized and their associations with schizophrenic symptomatology have not been adequately assessed. To address these issues, we recorded electroencephalographic sleep in 20 drug-naive schizophrenics, 20 drug-free but previously medicated schizophrenics, and 15 normal controls. Drug-naive and(More)
To relieve confusion about the clinical correlates and prognostic implications of the dexamethasone suppression test (DST) in schizophrenia, we conducted a DST in 44 schizophrenic inpatients at drug-free baseline and approximately 4 weeks after neuroleptic treatment. Patients were rated on positive, negative, and depressive symptoms at both times. A head(More)
Depression prevalence was examined by race/ethnicity in a nationally representative sample. The Diagnostic Interview Schedule was administered to 8449 (response rate=96.1%) participants (aged 15-40 years). Prevalence of major depressive disorder was significantly higher in Whites than in African Americans and Mexican Americans; the opposite pattern was(More)