John F. Fisher

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Guidelines for the management of patients with invasive candidiasis and mucosal candidiasis were prepared by an Expert Panel of the Infectious Diseases Society of America. These updated guidelines replace the previous guidelines published in the 15 January 2004 issue of Clinical Infectious Diseases and are intended for use by health care providers who care(More)
Aspergillus fumigatus is a life-threatening and increasingly frequent pathogen of the immunocompromised. Like other filamentous fungi A. fumigatus grows in a highly polar manner, adding new cell wall to the apical region of hyphae. mAbs were raised against isolated A. fumigatus cell walls. Fifteen antibodies bound reproducibly to isolated cell walls in(More)
Extracutaneous infection from Petriellidium boydii is an unusual occurrence despite the ubiquity of the organism in nature. Central nervous system infection by this organism is extremely rare, only seven previous reports having been found. The rarity of this manifestation prompted the report of a brain abscess occurring in a previously healthy youth after a(More)
The training of physicians in the past century was based primarily on responsibility and the chain-of-command. Those with the bulk of that responsibility in the fields of pediatrics and internal medicine were residents. Residents trained the medical students and supervised them carefully in caring for patients. Most attending physicians supervised their(More)
Background.  There are no prospective data regarding the management of pulmonary cryptococcosis in the immunocompetent patient. Clinical guidelines recommend oral fluconazole for patients with mild to moderate symptoms and amphotericin B plus flucytosine followed by fluconazole for severe disease. It is unclear whether patients who have histological(More)
Spinal cord injury (SCI) is a physical trauma that can result in paralysis and even death; to date no treatment exists that can successfully promote functional or adaptive recovery. Although humans are unable to regenerate after complete SCI, there are animal models that have been studied for their ability to regrow and reconnect their nerve fibers. From(More)
We investigated recreational vehicle (RV) water reservoirs in response to a case of pneumonia in which Legionella pneumophila was cultured both from the patient and a RV reservoir in which he travelled. Water samples processed and cultured at the CDC according to standard protocol were positive for Legionella spp. in 4/17 (24%) faucets, 1/11 (9%) water(More)
An array of powerful mathematical tools can be used to identify the key underlying components and interactions that determine the mechanics of biological systems such as the immune system and its interaction with cancer. In this disser-tation, we develop mathematical models to study the dynamics of immune regulation in the context of the primary immune(More)
OBJECT Intrathecal baclofen therapy has been used successfully for intractable spasticity in children with cerebral palsy. Infections are rare, but they are potentially life threatening if complicated by bacteremia or meningitis. Treatment without removal of the system is desirable if it can be done safely and effectively. METHODS The Authors reviewed the(More)
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