John F. Davidson

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The seminal importance of DNA sequencing to the life sciences, biotechnology and medicine has driven the search for more scalable and lower-cost solutions. Here we describe a DNA sequencing technology in which scalable, low-cost semiconductor manufacturing techniques are used to make an integrated circuit able to directly perform non-optical DNA sequencing(More)
Platelet counts, coagulation factors, and the fibrinolytic system were studied in seven regular dialysis patients during the course of haemodialysis by parallel flow (Gambro-Alwall) and coil (Travenol Ultra-Flo 100) dialysers. Significant falls in the patients' platelet counts and rises in their factor V levels were found with both dialysis systems. The(More)
Antithrombin III (AT III) activity has been measured in 9669 healthy blood donors (5525 male and 4144 female). The distribution of AT III is approximately 'normal' with mean 105.6 IU/dl and standard deviation 11.2; however, definite age and sex related variations are evident. Pre-menopausal females have lower mean AT III compared to their male(More)
Hindlimb and forelimb deficits in rats caused by sensorimotor cortex lesions are frequently tested by using the narrow flat beam (hindlimb), the narrow pegged beam (hindlimb and forelimb) or the grid-walking (forelimb) tests. Although these are excellent tests, the narrow flat beam generates non-parametric data so that using more powerful parametric(More)
BACKGROUND This trial was conducted to determine the incidence of seizures associated with the use of bupropion. METHOD A total of 3341 depressed patients from 102 sites were enrolled in this 8-week, prospective, open trial. Following the 8-week treatment phase, patients could elect to enroll in a humanitarian continuation phase of unlimited duration.(More)
This study characterizes physiological, histological and behavioral effects of traumatic brain injury (TBI) produced by a controlled pneumatic impactor striking the entire right sensorimotor cortex of the anesthetized rat. Damage to both the fore- and hindlimb sensorimotor areas resulted in a hemiparetic animal which allowed us to use four sensitive(More)
Following a mild cortical impact injury delivered by a piston to the right sensorimotor cortex of the anesthetized rat, we evaluated mantle loss, neuronal changes, and fiber track degeneration by deOlmos silver stains up to 8 weeks after injury. Darkened neurons indicating damage (chromatolysis) occurred widely throughout both hemispheres and were seen from(More)
Brain missile wounding (BMW) affects brainstem and medullary cadiorespiratory functions leading to immediate systemic hypertension, bradycardia, and apnea. Secondary complications may also occur because of subsequent changes in systemic and intracranial physiological variables. To delineate the immediate and secondary effects of BMW, we monitored changes in(More)
We conducted a case-control study to test the hypothesis that women smokers who use oral contraceptives have an increased risk of developing venous thrombosis. Patients and controls were drawn from two sets of hospital patients already included in the Boston Collaborative Drug Surveillance Programme. Sixty patients with uncomplicated thromboembolism were(More)
In a double-blind placebo-controlled trial of 48 patients requiring open heart surgery, prostacyclin (PGI2) was infused in a dose of 20 ng/kg/min throughout cardiopulmonary bypass. When compared with the placebo group, the patients given active PGI2 were found to have significantly higher platelet counts from 30 min after commencement of bypass and in the(More)