John F. Buford

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In this paper we are concerned with event-based situation analysis. Application areas include the understanding and awareness of complex unfolding scenarios such as homeland security threats and future battlespace engagements. The paper (i) discusses the differences between the environments/requirements for event-based management and situation management,(More)
The development of hybrid multicast simulation models is required for analyzing proposed hybrid multicast architectures such as those from the IRTF Scalable Adaptive Multicastw Research Group. However most network layer simulators don't scale to the number of nodes needed for analyzing large overlays, and most overlay simulators don't have multicast routing(More)
Native multicast deployment is relatively slow and linked with a number of issues. However, there are a number of native multicast regions. Application Layer Multicast (ALM) can be used in areas of the network where there is no native multicast available. The SAM (Scalable Adaptive Multicast) Research group within the IRTF is investigating hybrid approaches(More)
Virtualization of multi-core hardware is becoming important in enterprise computing using hypervisors such as VMware or Xen. For desktop phones, virtualization can be used to simultaneously run multiple phone OSes on the same desktop phone, and provide application isolation and security benefits. We introduce the concept of phone virtualization and describe(More)
This paper investigates the use of Petri nets for modeling coordinated cyber-physical attacks on the smart grid. Petri nets offer more flexibility and expressiveness than traditional attack trees to represent the actions of simultaneous attackers. However, Petri net models for attacks on very large critical infrastructures such as the smart grid require a(More)
We are interested in the development of distributed multimedia information systems that use the HyTime international standard as the data model and interchange format. We have developed and implemented a prototype system in which interactive multimedia presentations can be stored and retrieved. Sample document instances are externally encoded in HyTime and(More)
Meta service discovery is used to find and select a service discovery mechanism by context. As multiple service discovery mechanisms (SDM) proliferate across various administrative domains, mobile devices will require a way to locate and select the appropriate mechanism according to the context of the mobile device, such as network domain, location,(More)