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—Audio-visual and other multimedia services are seen as important sources of traffic for future telecommunication networks , including wireless networks. A major drawback with some wireless networks is that they introduce a significant number of transmission errors into the digital bitstream. For video, such errors can have the effect of degrading the(More)
—Audio-visual and other multimedia services are seen as an important source of traffic for future telecommunications networks, including wireless networks. In this paper, we examine the impact of the properties of a 50 Mb/s asynchronous transfer mode (ATM)-based wireless local-area network (WLAN) on moving picture experts group phase 2 (MPEG 2) compressed(More)
Image segmentation can be viewed as the process of classifying regions in a picture into groups with common properties (e.g., texture). A difficulty arising is that a common texture can be classified differently when viewed at different scales and rotated viewpoints. The paper presents a feature vector based on the DT-CWT (dual-tree complex wavelet(More)
Widespread use of digital imagery has resulted in a need to manage large collections of images. Systems providing query by example (QBE) capability offer improved access to contents of image libraries by retrieving matches to a query image. Texture is an important feature to consider in the matching process. However, standard approaches often employ a(More)
The reliance of many video processing techniques on motion estimation requires a good motion confidence measure, in order to ensure that unreliable estimations are not accepted into a system. This paper proposes a new measure of motion confidence based on phase information from Fourier transform of a video frame. Using the measure, blocks associated with(More)