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An important problem in malware forensics is generating a partial ordering of a collection of variants of a malware program, reflecting a history of the malware’s evolution as it is adapted by the original or new authors. Frequently the only temporal clue to which variants were developed earlier is the date on which they were first observed in the wild. In(More)
The AASTINO is a remote observatory that has been deployed at the Italian/French base Dome C (75 S, 123 E, 3200 m) on the Antarctic plateau in January 2003. It is designed to run throughout the Antarctic winter without intervention, and to collect data on the astronomical qualities of the site: specifically the turbulence profile, the infrared sky(More)
Just over 30 years ago, the first Landsat satellite launch unofficially ushered in the remote sensing era. Of course, air photos, aeromag and a variety of airborne scanner data were available before this time (air photos since early in the 20th century). Nonetheless, for the first time, almost anyone could acquire image coverage of almost any place on the(More)
Though Charles Dickens was a generation older than the Pre-Raphaelite founders and initially found much to fault in their art, his work corresponds with theirs in ways that move beyond what scholars have previously discussed. His novels, besides providing inspiration for the young artists and sharing in their practice of rendering subjects through realistic(More)
1 Department of Astronomy, University of Wisconsin–Madison, 475 N. Charter St., Madison, WI 53706, USA,,, 2 Department of Astronomy and Astrophysics, University of Toronto, 50 St. George St., Toronto, Ontario M5S 3H4, Canada 3 Center for(More)
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