John Eric Taylor

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We developed an integrated inter-building physical and human network model to predict the energy conservation for an assumed urban residential block. We utilized an Artificial Neural Network to predict hourly energy consumption in both the first physical and second human stage. In the first stage, simulated data were exported from EnergyPlus, and the(More)
The significant energy consumption imputable to buildings and the increasing concentration of buildings' in urban areas has encouraged researchers to develop rigorous procedures to predict building thermal-energy behavior in real urban contexts. The purpose of this paper is to employ the Inter-Building Effect methodology to examine variances in the year(More)
  • Farshid Azadian, Farshid Azadian Dissertation, Leslie Monplaisir, Darin Ellis, John Taylor
  • 2013
Azadian, Farshid, "An integrated framework for freight forwarders:exploitation of dynamic information for multimodal transportation" (2012). Wayne State University Dissertations. Paper 496. DEDICATION To the memory of my grandfather, Houssein Dehmand, who taught me the value of knowledge at an early age and to my parents Morteza and Rabeeh iii(More)
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