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BACKGROUND Metastatic disease to the liver is one of the major factors determining outcome after colonic resection with curative intention. The influence of laparoscopic surgery on metastatic disease in the liver is still largely unknown. METHODS An intrasplenic tumour cell inoculation was performed in 30 WAG-Rij rats. After 7 days the rats were(More)
Two experiments were conducted to characterize the progression of deoxynivalenol (DON)-induced growth suppression and to investigate algae-modified montmorillonite clay (AMMC) as a means to alleviate the effects of DON in nursery pigs. In both experiments, naturally DON-contaminated wheat was used to produce diets with desired DON levels. In Exp. 1, 280(More)
ANAMNESIS AND CLINICAL FINDINGS In a 40-year-old man with delirium, right-sided facial palsy and anisocoria (right > left) were noticed. He had been suffering from headaches for four weeks prior to admission. The patient's HI-virus status was positive and he used illicit drugs regularly. Therefore, the symptoms were initially thought to be drug-induced.(More)
an economist and James J. Balazsy is a research assistant with the Federal Reserve Bank of Cleveland. Diane Mogren and Gordon Schlegel provided helpful programming assistance. The authors have benefited from discussions with William C. Gruben and Mark Sniderman. Comments on earlier drafts were provided by Michael T. Bagshaw, John Erceg, Philip Zsrailevich,(More)
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