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The present paper presents the conclusions of a polyphasic investigation of the taxonomy of the trehalose-negative [Pasteurella] haemolytica complex. Clusters previously identified by ribotyping and(More)
Bacteria of the avian [Pasteurella haemolytica]-'Actinobacillus salpingitidis' complex have been associated with different pathological conditions in birds, among which salpingitis and peritonitis in(More)
AIMS Characterization and classification of members of Pasteurellaceae isolated from birds by extended phenotypic characterization and 16S rDNA gene sequence comparison. METHODS AND RESULTS A total(More)
Seventy-six presumed Shewanella putrefaciens isolates from fish, oil drillings, and clinical specimens, the type strain of Shewanella putrefaciens (ATCC 8071), the type strain of Shewanella alga (IAM(More)