John Ellenberger

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This article describes our experiences using open source software development practices at SAP. SAP is a major software developer and leader in business applications. We've found that open source practices can complement traditional top-down software development with bottom-up collective intelligence. Software forges offer a mechanism for advancing the(More)
Analyzing Biomedical Big Data (BBD) is computationally expensive due to high dimensionality and large data volume. Performance and scalability issues of traditional database management systems (DBMS) often limit the usage of more sophisticated and complex data queries and analytic models. Moreover, in the conventional setting, data management and analysis(More)
developed differently from how corporations typically develop software. Research into how open source works has been growing steadily. 1 One driver of such research is the desire to understand how commercial software development could benefit from open source best practices. Do some of these practices also work within corporations? If so, what are they, and(More)
1. Introduction A disaster, either natural or man-made, can occur at any time and place. In either case, it leads to an emergency situation which must be promptly and appropriately responded to. In the USA, as in many parts of the world, governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations, and even private sector companies may cooperate and coordinate the(More)
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