John Eberhard

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OBJECTIVE Determine what role motor vehicle administrators have in dealing with older drivers based on their crash risk and mobility needs. METHOD This article reviews both the recent crash, injury, and exposure trends from the National Household Travel Survey and other sources to help motor vehicle administrators set priorities in meeting the safety and(More)
In order to utilize the semantics of object methods to ensure cached object consistency, method group commutativity specifies the conditions under which a group of methods will commute. Method group commutativity is determined using a semantic specification of object methods, provided in terms of logical expressions, to create commutativity conjectures that(More)
Ajanta is a Java-based system for mobile-agent programming over the Internet. We present here an overview of the Ajanta system and its programming model. We outline the salient features and implementation of three agent-based distributed applications developed using Ajanta. These were designed to test and demonstrate the capabilities of Ajanta's programming(More)
Remote Method Invocation (RMI), a mechanism to access remote objects in Java-based distributed applications, uses network communication for each method invocation. Consequently, using RMI in a wide-area environment can cause poor application performance. One solution to improve performance is to cache the objects such that network communication is not(More)
Architectural practice and neuroscience research use our brains and minds in much the same way. However, the link between neuroscience knowledge and architectural design--with rare exceptions--has yet to be made. The concept of linking these two fields is a challenge worth considering.
The semantic specification of an object’s methods can be used to determine their commutativity properties. The commutative method group, introduced in our earlier work, captures these commutativity properties in terms of groups of methods that commute, as opposed to pairs of methods. This paper outlines how method group commutativity can be used to increase(More)
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