John Eaton

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Understanding the physics of microscale two-phase flow is important for a broad variety of engineering applications including compact PEM fuel cells and heat exchangers. The low Bond number and confined geometry make it critical to consider both the surface tension at the liquid–gas interfaces and the surface forces acting at the channel boundaries. Within(More)
In this presentation, we discuss and demonstrate a multiple touch sensitive (MTS) keyboard developed by Robert Moog for John Eaton. Each key of the keyboard is equipped with sensors that detect the three-dimensional position of the performer's finger. The presentation includes some of Eaton's performances for certain earlier prototypes as well as this(More)
BACKGROUND Deep Bleeder Acoustic Coagulation (DBAC) is an ultrasound image-guided high-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) method proposed to automatically detect and localize (D&L) and treat deep, bleeding, combat wounds in the limbs of soldiers. A prototype DBAC system consisting of an applicator and control unit was developed for testing on animals. To(More)
BACKGROUND Bleeding from limb injuries is a leading cause of death on the battlefield, with deep wounds being least accessible. High-intensity focused ultrasound (HIFU) has been shown capable of coagulation of bleeding (cautery). This paper describes the development and refereed in vitro evaluation of an ultrasound (US) research prototype deep bleeder(More)
This paper presents experimental results for gas-liquid flow regimes in solid wall microchannels bounded on one side by a hydrophobic micro porous layer known as the gas diffusion layer. The channels have nominal dimensions of 500um width by 200um height and 150mm length. The porous layer is Toray TGPH-060 (190um thick) and TGPH-120 (360um thick) with two(More)
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