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Amid the Clouds and Mist: China’s Colonization of Guizhou, 1200–1700
In 1200, what is now southwest China - Guizhou, Yunnan, and the southern portion of Sichuan - was home to an assortment of strikingly diverse cultures and ruled by a multitude of political entities.Expand
Terrestrial Snake Environmental DNA Accumulation and Degradation Dynamics and its Environmental Application
Abstract There is an increasing need for effective biomonitoring tools that quantify patterns of habitat occupancy by reptile species. Environmental DNA (eDNA) has been regarded as an emerging toolExpand
Natural history notes
LIOPHIS MILIARIS (Common water snake): CANNIBALISM. Liophis miliaris is a medium size, semiaquatic and diurnal-nocturnal colubrid snake (Marques et al., 2001) usually associated with moistExpand
Empire in the Southwest: Early Qing Reforms to the Native Chieftain System
By the time the Yongzheng emperor (r. 1723–35) issued the above edict in January 1728, criticism of Beijing's new confrontational approach toward the native chieftains of southwest China had alreadyExpand
What would Chinese history look like if we were to examine it from the perspective of the peoples living along China's periphery? How might a non-Chinese perspective challenge the dominant themes inExpand
Summary of Business Conducted at the Annual Meeting of The Herpetologists’ League
1. An ad hoc committee chaired by David M. Green reviewed and proposed changes to the HL Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation. All changes were voted on and approved by the Board of Trustees and theExpand