John E. Wetzel

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Call a path an escape path if it eventually leads out of the forest no matter what the initial starting point or the relative orientations of the path and forest. To solve the "lost in a forest" problem we must find the "best" escape path. Bellman proposed two different interpretations of "best," one in which the maximum time to escape is minimized, and one(More)
An arc in the plane is drapeable if it lies in the convex hull of a convex arc of the same length. We establish some fundamental properties of drapeability, and we investigate some sufficient conditions for an arc to be drapeable. Introduction A set in the plane is a cover for a family of planar arcs if it contains a congruent copy of each arc in the(More)
In the early 1970s, Bro. U. Alfred Brousseau asked for the number of regions formed in an infinite strip by the mn segments that join m equally spaced points on one edge to n equally spaced points on the other. Using projective duality, we express the number of points, segments, and regions formed by Brousseau's configuration in terms of the numbers Lk(m,(More)