John E Schowalter

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This is the third report of a prospective study of children with sex chromosome anomalies identified at birth in New Haven, Connecticut. Previous reports in 1974 [1] and 1979 [2] summarized data from the first 2 1/2 years and the first 9 years of the children's lives, respectively. The present report will focus on progress and evaluations in the years 9-13,(More)
Current knowledge about early plasticity and children's responsiveness to environmental modifications as well as the atheoretical nature of current nosological systems necessitate alternative models to explain the phenomena of childhood behavioral and emotional disturbances. Evolutionary biology provides one such framework. It organizes data from the(More)
This study is concerned with an attempt to determine whether meaningful utilization review criteria could be productively generated by viewing a patient population from a developmental perspecitve. During a 2-year period, a multidisciplinary panel at Yale University sought to identify the sociodemographic, clinical, and administrative issues posed by late(More)
Although the term thanatology was coined in 1912, the study of death and dying in childhood was out of fashion until the 1970s. The pendulum then swung, and there was a shift from avoidance of the issue to its becoming almost a fad. During the past 10 years, successful research of previously fatal malignancies and more careful and complex studies of(More)
The largest group, consisting of seventeen original reports and three workshop summaries, deals with the topic of cellular processing of DNA damage. Another large group of ten reports and three workshop summaries covers the area of carcinogen metabolism and carcinogen interaction with cellular macromolecules. In vivo and in vitro carcinogenesis, the(More)