John E. Reifsteck

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Loin pain hematuria syndrome occurs primarily in young women and is manifested by recurrent loin pain, hematuria, and abnormal renal vasculature. This syndrome was first described in 1967 by Little in the British literature. Since that time, approximately 60 cases have been reported. In this paper, we describe a case and provide a pertinent review of the(More)
A single patient with left leg edema was examined with venography and computed tomography. A tortuous left common iliac artery was found to be compressing the left common iliac vein, causing near total obstruction of the left iliac vein. Hemodynamic pressure measurements confirmed the significance of the obstruction.
A case of type I (type A) aortic dissection proved by postmortem examination could not be fully delineated relative to the type of dissection by dynamic CT as well as three positive contrast aortograms. Small tears in the ascending aorta and their strategic locations can escape even intensive radiologic evaluation. We present a case in which medical therapy(More)
Percutaneous transluminal laser angioplasty is a new method for treating atherosclerotic disease previously not amenable to routine percutaneous transluminal angioplasty techniques. Our results compared favorably with other clinical trials. Patient selection criteria include lesions in the superficial femoral or popliteal system not capable of being treated(More)
Transvenous inferior vena caval filters were placed in 32 patients (21 bird's nest [BN] and 11 Kimray-Greenfield [K-G] filters). Positive contrast cavography was performed before and immediately after filter placement as well as during long-term follow-up studies. In 23 patients, computed tomographic (CT) scanning was also performed; in 10 patients,(More)
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