John E. Myers

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Spontaneous pigment mutants of Anacystis nidulans were self-selected for improved growth in far red light (> 650 nanometers). Questions were asked about those features of the light-harvesting mechanism which altered to give the mutants improved photosynthetic performance in far red. Answers were sought by comparing pigment and reaction center concentrations(More)
An apparatus is described for precise measurement of growth rate of an alga as a function of intensity and intermittency of illumination. Dilution of a culture is controlled by a photometric device to just such a rate as will maintain constant density of population and balance the growth rate. Maintenance of constant volume by an automatic siphon allows(More)
A maximum growth rate with doubling time of 18 hr at 18 C could be maintained. Continuous cultures at about half maximum growth rate provided cells for study of pigments and photosynthesis. The light intensity curve of photosynthesis had no unusual features and showed light-saturated rates of 30-35 μl O2 /mrn(3) -hr at 18 C. Pigment analysis showed(More)
Serious suicidal behavior, affective disorders, and a variety of other psychopathologic behaviors and syndromes have been found to correlate with measures of the serotonin system. Clinical studies have employed a range of serotonin indexes, including the cerebrospinal fluid level of 5-hydroxyindoleacetic acid, the prolactin response to serotonin agonists,(More)
Apparent size of the photosynthetic unit in Chlorella pyrenoidosa was estimated by the method of Emerson and Arnold: rate of oxygen evolution was measured under repetitive saturating flashes of about 10-microsecond duration separated by dark periods of 0.033 to 0.100 second. Cells used were taken from six steady state cultures maintained at different light(More)
OBJECTIVE Surprisingly little research supports the hypothesis that depressions characterized by objective measures of neurobiological dysregulation respond poorly to psychotherapy. Moreover, relevant studies testing this hypothesis have been compromised by low rates of neurobiological abnormality in outpatient samples. The authors therefore investigated(More)
The photosynthetic apparatus was studied in Anacystis nidulans wild type and in a spontaneous pigment mutant 85Y which had improved growth in far-red light (greater than 650 nm). Two phycobiliproteins, C-phycocyanin (lambda max 625) and allophycocyanin (lambda max 650), were present in a molar ratio of approximately 3:1 in the wild type and approximately(More)