John E. Miller

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This article describes the Persona project at Microsoft Research, which is exploring social user interfaces that employ an explicitly anthropomorphic character to interact with the user in a natural spoken dialogue. The prototype system described here integrates spoken language input, a simple conversational dialogue manager, reactive 3D animation, speech(More)
In this paper we develop an analytical expression for the mobile station transmit power based on a discrete time and state space. In our model we focus on the time-varying distortions found in a CDMA reverse link channel, network delays, and the fluctuations in multi-access interference. Based on this description we are able to characterize the dynamic(More)
Technology Summary ORNL researchers have made wireless power transfer more efficient by using an air core transformer loosely coupled to a storage battery. By reconfiguring the transformer and altering the resonance frequency, power is transferred to the battery with little energy loss and fewer demands on the primary circuit. The technology can be used for(More)
Part of speech tagging is a fundamental component in many NLP systems. When taggers developed in one domain are used in another domain, the performance can degrade considerably. We present a method for developing taggers for new domains without requiring POS annotated text in the new domain. Our method involves using raw domain text and identifying related(More)
—A recent development in Lyapunov stability theory allows for analysis of switched linear systems evolving on non-uniform, discrete time domains. The analysis makes use of an emerging mathematical framework termed dynamic equations on time scales. We will present stability conditions for a general, arbitrarily switched system and then for system with a "(More)
This paper explores the increasing the heterogeneity of an agent population to stabilize decentralized systems by adding bias terms to each agent's expected payoos. Two approaches are evaluated, corresponding to heterogeneous preferences and heterogeneous transaction costs; empirically, the transaction cost case provides stability with near optimal payoos(More)
Part-of-speech (POS) tagging is a fundamental component for performing natural language tasks such as parsing, information extraction, and question answering. When POS taggers are trained in one domain and applied in significantly different domains, their performance can degrade dramatically. We present a methodology for rapid adaptation of POS taggers to(More)
Background To what extent do pairwise correlations exist in sensory systems? Neurons communicate independently, pairwise, or as large populations through features including spike rates and interspike intervals. Previous nonlinear decod-ers of the acheta domestica cercal system estimated stimuli using responses of single primary afferent neurons and(More)
Filiform mechanosensory hairs of crickets are of great interest to engineers because of the hairs' highly sensitive response to low-velocity air-currents. In this study, we analyze the biomechanical properties of filiform hairs of the cercal sensory system of a common house cricket. The cercal sensory system consists of two antennalike appendages called(More)